pay per click (ppc)


Mojiva is a mobile marketing platform for publishers, advertisers, developers, and offers mobile marketing education. Tip: mobile marketing is still in it's infantile stages. get in while the gettings good. »


Adgooroo is an online competitive intelligence tool for internet marketers. Use adgooroo to spy on top competitors keywords, ad creatives, backlink data, campaign statistics and more. »

Adon Network

Ad On Network is another advertising platform where publishers and advertisers can buy and sell ad space. They offer 3 methods for targeting prospects: contextual, behavioral, and geo-targeting, and ROI is measurable by traffic source. May... »


Alexa is an awesome free resource for any marketer looking to gain market intelligence. Quickly locate detailed traffic, demographics, and more on any site. I wouldn't attempt to enter any new market without some serious research with Alexa. »


Jumptag is a mobile ad platform that has partnered with digital and media agencies, publishers, wireless carriers, and brand advertisers to deliver you an array of different mobile solutions. »

7 Search

7 search has been a leading pay-per-click search engine since 1999. Their website claims they have a better ROI than Google or Yahoo, a lower cost-per-sale than Google or Yahoo, more responsive support than Google or Yahoo, and less expensive clicks... »


Mobile marketing is on fire in 2011 and Inmobi is right in the thick of it. Inmobi is a mobile ad platform for advertisers, publishers, and developers that provides an easy to use interface and great client support. »

Linkedin Advertising

Linkdens ad network. Linkden is the largest social media website for business professional to connect worldwide, and a great place to advertise relevant offers, as well as network with like-minded folks! »


Compete is a keyword research and competitive analysis tool, and a darn dood one at that. Not the cheapest service, but their data is excellent. »


Amazon's ppc and display advertising service. Not as well known as some of the others, but some great click prices and LOTS of traffic! »

Plenty of Fish Ads

Plenty of Fish has millions of users, and they've all filled out elaborate profiles. With POF's advertising service, you can specify exactly what demographic you'd like to advertise to... from careers, favorite musicians, and pretty much anything... »


Clicksor is an authority network in the media buying space. With Clicksor you can run PPC, PPV, CPM (pay per 1000 ad impressions), or CPI (pay per inter-ad) campaigns. Network highlights: - a variety of creative ad formats - serve 150... »

Ad Mob

Admob is the mobile advertising platform which was recently acquired by Google. Fortunately, Admob hasn't inherited all the stringent tendencies that Google has placed on it's advertisers just yet. So, get in while the gettin' is good! Those... »


Ad Brite is an ad network. Network benefits include: - dynamic pricing - real-time bidding - detailed campaign data and analytics - 1 billion ad impressions per day »

Spy Fu

Spy fu is a analysis tool designed to spy on your competitors keywords and adwords. »

PPC Keyword Toolz

PPc keyword toolz is competitive analysis keyword tool designed to help you get targeted PPC campaigns up fast. »

Flash PPC

Flash PPC is another PPC tool to streamline your campaign creation efforts. It comes with a keyword smoosher, research tool, and campaign tracker... all in one. »


SEM Rush is a free tool to gain a variety of data for any website. Locate detailed info for organic and paid listings. They have offer upgrade an upgrade as well. Some of their data is questionable to say the least, but you can definitely gain... »

PPC Campaign Builder

PPC campaign builder is a tool to help with building adwords campaigns quickly and efficiently. build dynamic campaigns quickly and optimize split tests and ad groups. »

Adwords Accelerator

Adwords Accelerator is another PPC tool designed to help you find more traffic generating keywords, locate which competitors ads get more clicks, boost ctr, and more. »

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