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Mojiva is a mobile marketing platform for publishers, advertisers, developers, and offers mobile marketing education. Tip: mobile marketing is still in it's infantile stages. get in while the gettings good. »


Need to send some text messages to a large group? ShortShout 'em. What I really like about is that they DON'T lock you into a monthly subscription like every other texting service on Earth. You simply pay as you go for whatever... »

Paypal Mobile

Paypal mobile is an app that can be downloaded for free to manage your Paypal account, send money, and make purchases from your smart phone. »


Mobile marketing is on fire in 2011 and Inmobi is right in the thick of it. Inmobi is a mobile ad platform for advertisers, publishers, and developers that provides an easy to use interface and great client support. »


Jumptag is a mobile ad platform that has partnered with digital and media agencies, publishers, wireless carriers, and brand advertisers to deliver you an array of different mobile solutions. »

Mobile Monopoly

Mobile Monopoly is a great resource if you're looking to get started in the mobile marketing space. Adam, the site's creator, takes you through proven campaigns and teaches you: -how to create landing pages for mobile phones -the best mobile... »


Adfonic is another mobile ad platform that is Europe's only global mobile ad marketplace. »

Ad Mob

Admob is the mobile advertising platform which was recently acquired by Google. Fortunately, Admob hasn't inherited all the stringent tendencies that Google has placed on it's advertisers just yet. So, get in while the gettin' is good! Those... »

Google Mobile Ads

Google's mobile platform. Tip: great time to advertise with them in the early stages of mobile advertising while clicks are still cheap. »


BEASTmobi is a mobile marketing mastermind group put on by Adam Horowitz and Tim Donovan. »


Mofuse is a mobile CMS that offers a suite of tools to streamline your mobile marketing efforts. They offer a free 14 day trial with no credit card required. »


MobiSite Galore is a tool to quickly build mobile websites, ad forms, measure ROI, and more. »

Number Text

Number text is a mobile service you can use to advertise your business with your own short code. They offer a 30 day free with no credit card required. Send up to 100 free texts to your mobile subscribers before making a commitment. »

Mobile Marketer

Mobile marketer is a news site for everything mobile related. A good resource for mobile marketers to stay hip to emerging trends in the marketplace. »

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