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Mojiva is a mobile marketing platform for publishers, advertisers, developers, and offers mobile marketing education. Tip: mobile marketing is still in it's infantile stages. get in while the gettings good. »

Buy Sell Ads

BuySellAds is a neat place to buy and sell advertising space on all types of websites. You can sort by ad size, price, impressions, and then purchase a location for your display advertising on a monthly basis. Lots of opportunities for advertising... »


Adgooroo is an online competitive intelligence tool for internet marketers. Use adgooroo to spy on top competitors keywords, ad creatives, backlink data, campaign statistics and more. »


Traffic Vance is a CPV network specializing in pop-ups from their popular gaming network. If you're looking for lots of cheap traffic, this is the place to be. Tip: Test traffic and conversions before scaling up or you can go broke fast. »


If you're into advertising via popup, this is one of the biggest networks there is. With Google, Facebook, and everyone else cracking down on 'quality' out on the web, sometimes its hard to even buy traffic. Rest assured, with directCPV, you... »


If you have an advertisement that you'd like to email out to 10k people, and don't have a list, is where you need to go. Normally, sending email blasts to 'rented' lists is useless. But, has a very unique way of... »


Interesting new way to advertise. Put your tag and ad next to search listings on 20 leading search engines. »

Adon Network

Ad On Network is another advertising platform where publishers and advertisers can buy and sell ad space. They offer 3 methods for targeting prospects: contextual, behavioral, and geo-targeting, and ROI is measurable by traffic source. May... »


Mobile marketing is on fire in 2011 and Inmobi is right in the thick of it. Inmobi is a mobile ad platform for advertisers, publishers, and developers that provides an easy to use interface and great client support. »


Jumptag is a mobile ad platform that has partnered with digital and media agencies, publishers, wireless carriers, and brand advertisers to deliver you an array of different mobile solutions. »

7 Search

7 search has been a leading pay-per-click search engine since 1999. Their website claims they have a better ROI than Google or Yahoo, a lower cost-per-sale than Google or Yahoo, more responsive support than Google or Yahoo, and less expensive clicks... »


Amazon's ppc and display advertising service. Not as well known as some of the others, but some great click prices and LOTS of traffic! »

Plenty of Fish Ads

Plenty of Fish has millions of users, and they've all filled out elaborate profiles. With POF's advertising service, you can specify exactly what demographic you'd like to advertise to... from careers, favorite musicians, and pretty much anything... »


Clicksor is an authority network in the media buying space. With Clicksor you can run PPC, PPV, CPM (pay per 1000 ad impressions), or CPI (pay per inter-ad) campaigns. Network highlights: - a variety of creative ad formats - serve 150... »


Adfonic is another mobile ad platform that is Europe's only global mobile ad marketplace. »

Ad Mob

Admob is the mobile advertising platform which was recently acquired by Google. Fortunately, Admob hasn't inherited all the stringent tendencies that Google has placed on it's advertisers just yet. So, get in while the gettin' is good! Those... »

Media Traffic

Media Traffic is another CPV network with over 15 million opt-in users in their network. They offer 3 different methods for buying targeted traffic and their network reach is international. »

Placement Intelligence

Placement intelligence is a tool for finding good sites to advertise on... Search for the top 10 to 1000 sites in the serps for any given keyword. You can also get traffic estimations for each site, back-link data, and more. »

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